Spelling List 4 – Vowel Combinations

bookcase a cabinet for holding books
bought purchased
brought past tense of bring
clue anything that helps solve a question
cruel without mercy or pity
dictionary a book of alphabetically listed words with their definitions
droop to sink, bend, or hang down
due a time when something is expected
encyclopedia a book or set of books with information on many topics
fought past tense of fight
gloomy frowning; not happy or cheerful
good-bye (goodbye) farewell
loop to form a closed curve
mood frame of mind, or state of feeling
ought duty; should
paragraph a group of sentences that belong together
rescue to free from danger
sentence a statement with a subject and a verb
shook past tense of shake
soot found on the sides of a chimney
swoop to descend upon quickly and snatch up suddenly
thought the process of thinking
value the worth or usefulness of something
wool soft, curly hair of a sheep


account a formal, written record
afford to be able to supply; to have the means
amount quantity
astonish surprise or amaze
boast to speak about one’s self; to brag
choice act of choosing; selection
chores small or odd jobs around the house or farm
cocoa powder made from cacao seeds; powdered chocolate
collar part of clothing that circles the neck
destroy ruin, spoil; put an end to
however nevertheless, yet; in spite of that
loyal faithful
margin a border, edge
noisy making noise
numerals symbols that express a number
owe to have the responsibility to pay
punctuate to add a punctuation mark
shallow not deep
shower a brief rain; a type of bath
sources causes, beginnings


Spelling List Two

birch tree with a smooth outer bark
chirping short, sharp sounds of birds
concentrating focusing one’s thoughts
concern to cause attention or interest
cure method of healing treatment
disturbed troubled or unsettled
early soon after the start of something
earnest serious in purpose
earthquake shaking of the earth’s crust
fluency writing or speaking easily
furnace a container inside which heat is produced to warm a building or melt metals
interrupted stopped in the middle
learn to gain knowledge by instruction
nervous highly excitable or uneasy
operator a person who works a machine
phrases short, colorful expressions
research to study to discover facts; search carefully
service a helpful act
squirm to twist the body
sturdy strong or firm
thirsty needing moisture or drink
thirteen number between twelve and fourteen
urged pressed, pushed, or persuaded
vocabulary the words of a language; alphabetized list of words and their definitions

Spelling List 401.1

4th Grade Spelling

accept to take or receive something
arch a curved structure
argue to have a disagreement
audience people gathered to hear and see
autumn the season called Fall
awkwardly to do something without ease or grace
bald white fur or feathers on the head; no hair on all or part of the scalp
barrel a cylinder-like container made of wood and held together with metal hoops
brain nerve tissue in the skull
claim to state that something is true
drawn past tense of draw; having used a pencil, pen, or brush to make a picture or design
English the people, culture, and language of England
gaily merrily or happily
Greek the people, culture, and language of Greece
language a way of communicating thoughts or feelings with voice
lark a songbird
Latin language of ancient Rome
lawn land covered with mowed grass
pause to stop for a moment
talk to share ideas using the spoken word
walked to have moved about on foot
whack to strike with a blow