Spelling List 801.1 – ei and ie

8th Grade Spelling

brief of short duration; quickly passing
efficient effective; producing the desired result
field a stretch of open land
fiend an enemy or foe
fiery having characteristics of fire
freight cargo of a ship, plane, or train
friend a person joined by affection or intimacy with another
grief mental anguish or sorrow
height the highest point of anything; top; summit
heinous highly criminal or wicked
heirloom a piece of personal property that has been in a family for generations
kaleidoscope a toy of changing colors and objects
lei a garland made of flowers from the Polynesian cultures
leisure free and unoccupied time
medieval pertaining to the Middle Ages (A.D.500 – 1500)
mischievous playfully troublesome or teasing
neigh the call or cry of a horse; a whinny
neither not this nor that
niece the daughter of one’s brother or sister
perceive to see with recognition; understand
pierce to stab
priest a representative of a religion authorized to engage or lead in sacred ritual; a clergyman
reign to rule
seize to grab with force
siege a tactic of war in which a dwelling or city is surrounded by an army to force its surrender
sleigh a horse-drawn sled
surveillance an intense, organized system of observation
sieve a wire mesh container used to strain flour
view to look; that which one sees
yield to give up control; surrender