chef one who cooks well
chute a steep slide for mail or coal
confusion a mixed-up condition of things
decision making-up one’s own mind
education schooling
emotion feeling
fiction something made-up
insure make sure or certain
issue to give
lotion a liquid containing medicine
machinery an apparatus that does a specific job
measure the capacity of an item
mission going out to do a special assignment
pressure a pushing down
solution the answer to a problem
surely certainly
suspicious causing one to suspect
vacation freedom from school, business, and so forth
vicious mean
vision a dream

Spelling List 2 – Vowel Digraphs

booklet A small book.
caution Warning.
creature an animal
crooked Jagged.
eastern Of the east.
eschew To avoid.
failure Loss.
fewer Less than.
freedom Liberty.
growing Getting larger or taller or bigger.
loader One who loads.
praying Talking to God.
railway Railroad track.
roaster A pot for cooking meat.
saucer A small plate.
smoothly In a gentle manner.
sower One who plants.
sweeten To add sugar or honey.
toothache A pain in a tooth.
wayward Willfully disobedient.

Homonym – Spelling List 2

cite quote; refer to
sight act of seeing
knight title of honor
night darkness
sighs deep breathing
size amount of space an object takes up
pries looks into; raises with force
prize reward
higher taller
hire to employ
idle not doing anything
idol an object that is worshipped
isle island
aisle passageway
pried looked into, raised with force
pride high opinion of one’s self
minor person underage
miner works in mines
fined made to pay money as punishment
find to discover