Spelling List Two

birch tree with a smooth outer bark
chirping short, sharp sounds of birds
concentrating focusing one’s thoughts
concern to cause attention or interest
cure method of healing treatment
disturbed troubled or unsettled
early soon after the start of something
earnest serious in purpose
earthquake shaking of the earth’s crust
fluency writing or speaking easily
furnace a container inside which heat is produced to warm a building or melt metals
interrupted stopped in the middle
learn to gain knowledge by instruction
nervous highly excitable or uneasy
operator a person who works a machine
phrases short, colorful expressions
research to study to discover facts; search carefully
service a helpful act
squirm to twist the body
sturdy strong or firm
thirsty needing moisture or drink
thirteen number between twelve and fourteen
urged pressed, pushed, or persuaded
vocabulary the words of a language; alphabetized list of words and their definitions