Tara – Monday September 14


45 minutes  – Khan Academy – Integers Practice

(test is due on the 23rd)

Language Arts

  1. Communication Without Words – Lesson
  2. PROJECT: DIRECTIONS (please make sure that your document keeps it’s formatting when you copy/paste – lines between paragraphs, and titles, and capitalized titles as it sometimes doesn’t).


  1. Test


  1. Study for test on Wednesday
  2. Watch For Review




30 minutes of Typing






Sophia – Monday September 14


  1. Review Previous Lesson
  2. Quiz 3

Language Art’s

  1. Writing a Report – complete lesson


  1. Flowers as State Symbols Project:
    1. Use a reference book, such as an encyclopedia, to complete the three parts of the assignment below.

      1. List of all the flowers that are used as symbols for the states.
      2. Answer these questions:

      What is the flower for the state where you live?


      What is the state flower for Alaska?

      3. Write a sentence or two to tell why you think God created a world with so much beauty in it.


  1. Project: Spices – Complete project
  2. Review  Recent Exploration of Earth 1 and 2 for quiz tomorrow.
  3. Play Interactive Ocean Exploration 
  4. Ocean Exploration History (sign in info)